SuperDogz Agility Training

...Where the Cool Dogs Train!

...Where the Cool Dogs Train!

'I am having fun and learning a lot in agility class.
Everyone is worked with individually to his/her goals and the dog's capabilities.
I feel welcomed in class even though I don't have the kind of dog typically seen in agility.'
--Amy P.--

  • Helix

  • Stella

  • Suze

  • Irish

  • Jasper

  • Jetta

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'Bailey and I have had a lot of fun over the past couple months.
Cindy is an excellent trainer who individualizes your training needs.
She uses a lot of different techniques to give you a complete and well rounded training experience.'
--Anita N.--

  • Tristan, Bliss, Parnter

  • Montana

  • Bogey & Kiyah

  • Bling

  • Beckham

  • Gretel

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'Cindy has been great to work with..
She is very knowledgeable and has tons of experience to help you with your training.
Plus, the dogs all LOVE her.'
--Melissa O.--

  • Kizzy

  • Dundee

  • Emma

  • Kendra

  • Colby

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'Cindy and I go way back when we first started our dogs in obedience and then agility. She has the patience of a saint with the dogs, always calm and logical and consistent. She is able to break down each movement so that it can be understood, looking at it from the dog's perspective! And class is fun because of her sense of humor.'
--Jacquie C.--

  • Kayla

  • Koda

  • Kyle

  • Murphy

  • Nash

  • Tuxie

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'Cindy has been my dog trainer for 7 years.
She is very good at what she does and helped me and my dog with a problem (sticking contacts) that no other trainers could solve.
--Jeanine S.--

  • Piper

  • Ruby

  • Snap

  • Summer

  • Texas

  • Zip

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'I started my first dog with Cindy at SuperDogz and we are now at the Masters level in Agility.
Her training is comprehensive and easy to follow. I started my second dog with her and we are advancing quickly...highly recommended!
Great foundation training for any dog!
--Diana S.--