SuperDogz Agility Training

...Where the Cool Dogs Train!

...Where the Cool Dogs Train!

The SuperDogz Training instructors are experienced in training multiple breeds, including rescues, and have extensively titled them across several different venues. Three of their dogs have qualified for the AKC and CPE Nationals the past several years.

Please contact SuperDogz by filling out the Contact Us form on the Contact tab to find out what class is the best fit for you and your dog. We teach Monday-Thursdays in the evening and have many ongoing and upcoming classes

Four Feet

'I have done mostly what men do,
and pushed it out of my mind:
But I can't forget, if I wanted to.
Four Feet trotting behind.

Day after day, the whole day through--
Wherever my road inclined--
Four Feet said, "I am coming with you!
And trotted along behind.

Now I must go by some other round--
Which I shall never find--
Some where that does not carry the sound
of Four Feet trotting behind.'

--Rudyard Kipling--

From Left to Right: AKC Judge Michelle Fletcher, Cindy with MACH 6 KaBOOM!
and Gary & MACH 9 Zelda, AKC Judge Blair Kelly


"Hi Cindy, I have to tell you, I worked on EVERYTHING today with Jack and he did awesome with
it all but touch, which we will continue to work on. The old golden, even got in on the action
and I did the impulse control with him. He learned very quick that if he wanted the treat, he had
to sit still and not lick my hand. I used the bathroom scale for perch work and Jack went right to
it. The most important thing is there has been no barking at the tv and no fighting with the
golden! I only spent about 30 minutes doing this today but the treat was hot dog pieces. I am
just shocked. I am so glad I found your website and emailed you. When Rebecca and I got in the
car last night, she said, I really like her approach, she's a no bulls##t kinda lady and I don't have
time for bullshit. I had to laugh and agree. I know that I will never be perfect at this and I don't
expect Jack to be perfect, just more well behaved, and calm. I think he has had a great 24 hours!
Hoping to get him out for a walk this weekend. Thank you for your help and we look forward to
seeing you next week!" --Jessica & Jack

Shannon Bent, Volunteer Assistant Instructor

Shannon has been a long-time SuperDogz student training her American Eskimo Dog, Koda, from start to finish on her own, then competing. She is now attending college, studying animal behavior learning from the Whales :-) and her dream would be to earn a spot on an agility World Team.

Emily Brandt, Volunteer Assistant Instructor

Emily has also been a long-time SuperDogz student training her dog, Spencer, from start to finish on her own, then competing, at the age of 14. She is now attending college studying animal behavior and has plans on starting her own dog training business in the near future.

From Left to Right: Gary, Zelda, Mia, Cindy with Picabo, Whoopee! & KaBOOM!

Our Training Approach: SuperDogz uses positive methods such as toys and food to motivate and reinforce the dogs. Use of the clicker in training is taught, but it is not mandatory.

BEGINNERS: Beginner dogs will be trained to have a good sit stay, down stay, sit with distractions because we provide the student with a thorough understanding of the foundation skills needed and incorporate them into our beginner class. Emphasis on building teamwork and attention, learning proper jumping skills and all agility obstacles are taught. No prior agility experience required.

NOVICE: These dogs started in beginner classes and have grown in their skill sets. Not quite a Beginner, but not yet Intermediate/Advanced.

INTERMEDIATE: Dogs should be able to weave both on and off sides without wires. Longer obstacle sequences involving side changes, obstacle discrimination, turns, front and rear crosses. Dogs in this level are successfully competing in AKC: Novice/Open, NADAC: Novice/Open, USDAA: Starters/Novice, Advanced.

ADVANCED: Dogs are provided more challenging exercises designed to test both dog and handler skills. Classes are designed to prepare students for competition at the upper levels.

Dogs must be well socialized with people and other dogs and be non-aggressive.

Please be aware that these classes are not for those who simply wish to romp with their dogs. If your goal is to never compete this will not preclude you from completing any homework assignments to the best of your ability and also will not preclude you from continued practice with your dog at home or in your spare time or by renting* the building so that you show continued improvement. This will help ensure that the class progresses together as a group.

(Please note, we have both the serious competitor as well as the person who simply wishes to bond with their dog, never desiring to compete.)

*Ring rental is an offer, not a requirement and is always offered at a discounted rate to students. The students find it a valuable option as they usually don't have all of the equipment to practice on. Most facilities don't have this option and this has become a treasured amenity.