SuperDogz Agility Training

...Where the Cool Dogs Train!

...Where the Cool Dogs Train!

SuperDogz Mission Statement

'To strengthen the bond between dogs and their humans through thoughtful and positive teaching methods with the foremost goal of KEEPING IT ALL FUN!

We strive to teach with clarity and passion by not only teaching mechanics but also the ideas and reasoning behind the skills and how they apply to the larger objective.

We endeavor to inspire our students to work hard to achieve their goals; to be the best they can be so every team's potential may be fulfilled.'

"My Little Dog--A Heartbeat at my Feet."
Edith Wharton

'Hi Cindy, I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you have done and everything you continue to do.

You have helped me in more ways than you can imagine and I honestly don't know if I could thank you enough.

From the time I started there, class was always fun and somehow always entertaining ;)

Agility was always something I had wanted to do and it has proved to be challenging and fun and very rewarding.

So thank you for all you do and all your help you continue to give. I know Emma loves it there and loves you guys, and Chloe is really starting to seem to enjoy it too :)'

-Anna & Emma & Chloe